God Saves ALL with Bible TRUTH

It was 1989 when i bumpped into a born again christian who invited me to his church, Now to cut a very long story short ‘ the church worship was’nt for me But i did give my life to Jesus on December 89, That feels like a long time ago 20 years it was. And since then it has taken 20 years for Me to become a true christian a REAL CHRISTIAN ! In 1993 one year after i lost Dad, i converted to the Catholic church because i always had feelings thoughout my youth for that church. Little know that the church does’nt teach christian truths. After a LONG YEAR 2009 The First half being Bad, the second half working out well. On facebook i made friends with a Lady called Eileen from the U.S she was a SDA…Seventh Day Adventist and so we started to talk regarding Doctines i bought myself a Bible , well i bought myself Three Bibles….lol all differant Translations, and the more i read the more i knew in my Heart that God was working on me with Truth. I was feeling the Tingle above my head and this was confirming my New found truth. Yes i fought against it, But it was while i was in Mass on that september Sunday Morning i knew it would be my last Mass. On October 31st i decided to attend the SDA Church in my town and since then have been doing a Bible study with them and i am due to be Baptised in Febuary 2010. I have not looked back. Am still on fire with Gods Truth…lol So Please whoever thinks its too late to find God Remember it took me 20 years. God Bless ALL.


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