A godless Society.

Thats what Governments around the world have created, Take the UK we have no perks for Marries couples so the government is saying who cares if your married or not ? One parent family’s have the better deal…Because they are one parent ! Christian values are being abolished so we don’t offend other cultures !!! If a christian wants to adopt they will have to teach the child about Homosexuality !!!…..WHY ??? When this act is against the Christian faith. Our country is turning into something that seems to Me’ to be ashamed of being British ??? Our Left Wing Socialist Government have taken what Britain stands for and thrown it away. What we need is a Christian Conservative Party in Government and lets return to Tradisanal family values . Lets abolish this Pathetic Political correctness RUBBISH !!! And get back to common sence values again. Britain is not the only country playing with communistic values America is turning very simmer and it heartbreaking how this is being allowed . TWO country’s Built on CHRISTIAN VALUES , are turning into Atheistic Lands far away from where WE once stood and its a crying shame. We are ALL living in a godless Society these days’ and the only people who like this are the villains, Gays, Communists, Left Wingers, and Atheists. MY only HOPE now is in The Return of Jesus Christ so WE can live without the filth that rule our lives, Am not a proud BRIT anymore. Am a Proud Christian, But i wonder’ ? How long will it be before WE ( Christians ) are all thrown into the Lions Den ??? for standing for TRUE Christian Values.


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