Merry Christmas ALL

I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a splendid new year 2010 !!!  The Birth of our Lord is important to christians around the World and we must shire this Good News with everyone form ALL Faiths. This year has’nt been great for me BUT towards the end from August its been wonderfull, My finding the True teachings about God and his church has been Wonderfull !!! Even my partner soon to be my wife is listerning !!! I found a fresh job away from the filth i was looking after ! i parted company with my cousin because he stabbed me in the back, with family like that who needs them ? I left my job due to personal belief my employer did’nt agree with, Yet they agree with children being abused by the Things they look after ??? The first six months of 2009 was MAD ! and we as a family went to hell and back, thank God i had a faith and i loving partner. August was the begining of my fresh start, My new job and my new church has been the making of me. I also learn some valuble lessions, that i will keep with me forever. My Politics went though the window and am so glad it did Because as Jesus said YOU Can’t serve two Masters, and thats what i was doing and Politics nearly ruined my life. Somethings like this are needed to help you focus whats really important in Life. So Merry Christmas everyone.


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