The Christmas CON !

For ME Christmas is for children, But also its to acknowledge the Birth of  our Lord Jesus Christ ! Without His Birth NO CHRISTMAS: Simple as that, Well thats my view. Christmas is for children But more so it’s for CHRISTIANS, it’s an Event to Thank God for coming in the flesh to wipe away our sins, ALL those who accept jesus as Lord there Sins are wiped away. For those thing who don’t believe and Millions don’t STOP using this pathetic excuse that WE do it for the Children’s sake…….RUBBISH !!! You do it for YOU ! Not the kids NOT CHRIST, YOU so you can become the Glutton you are Spend spend Sometimes More thats not even YOURS ! Manny will suffer in february to start repayments for the DAY they Don’t Believe in….lol, FOOLS !!! The lot of you. FOR ME, Christmas is for the Birth of  MY GOD, JESUS CHRIST i tell my children that this was the Birth of jesus and He died to give us Everlasting Life !  But one thing i don’t worship that NON Believers DO, and thats SHOPS & MONEY. And those TWO Things will see everyone DEAD , They will just be waiting for there next costumers  ( VICTOMS)   😉


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