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Let it Snow !will this be Taxed NOW ?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 5, 2010 by garyme

This is the first time Snow has hit Britain since the early 80s when i was a child. When we have snow it lasts no more than six hours then turns to slush and washes away ! But since December 21st Britain has been with REAL SNOW and it’s still here on January 5th 2010. MY Question is simple, Are WE humans being conned by scientists ? and Governments ? I really believe we are. Yes there is no doubt the EARTH is in change just are it was when dinosaurs walked the Earth. But is all this talk about climate change here just to make Money out of us ? London for eg are making us pay to drive though the City, is this just one BIG TAX HIKE ??? Again i believe it is. And there is nothing WE can do about it. Question, How gullible are the Human Race ?