Let it Snow !will this be Taxed NOW ?

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This is the first time Snow has hit Britain since the early 80s when i was a child. When we have snow it lasts no more than six hours then turns to slush and washes away ! But since December 21st Britain has been with REAL SNOW and it’s still here on January 5th 2010. MY Question is simple, Are WE humans being conned by scientists ? and Governments ? I really believe we are. Yes there is no doubt the EARTH is in change just are it was when dinosaurs walked the Earth. But is all this talk about climate change here just to make Money out of us ? London for eg are making us pay to drive though the City, is this just one BIG TAX HIKE ??? Again i believe it is. And there is nothing WE can do about it. Question, How gullible are the Human Race ?



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Grow up BRITIAN !!! You may be the worlds sort touch on Laws but should others follow ??? No Way. When you visit a new country YOU respect there Laws, its as simple as that. That Man walked into China with enough Drugs to Kill 120,000 people !!! That could be your child, or even the HumanRights Labour MPs Child. China is showing the World that they are an Example and Anti Drugs !!! I respect that, What i don’t respect is a country that would have Slapped his wrists with a £100 FINE AND SOME COUNCILING. !!! Its time we started being Tuff like China.

The Christmas CON !

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For ME Christmas is for children, But also its to acknowledge the Birth of  our Lord Jesus Christ ! Without His Birth NO CHRISTMAS: Simple as that, Well thats my view. Christmas is for children But more so it’s for CHRISTIANS, it’s an Event to Thank God for coming in the flesh to wipe away our sins, ALL those who accept jesus as Lord there Sins are wiped away. For those thing who don’t believe and Millions don’t STOP using this pathetic excuse that WE do it for the Children’s sake…….RUBBISH !!! You do it for YOU ! Not the kids NOT CHRIST, YOU so you can become the Glutton you are Spend spend Sometimes More thats not even YOURS ! Manny will suffer in february to start repayments for the DAY they Don’t Believe in….lol, FOOLS !!! The lot of you. FOR ME, Christmas is for the Birth of  MY GOD, JESUS CHRIST i tell my children that this was the Birth of jesus and He died to give us Everlasting Life !  But one thing i don’t worship that NON Believers DO, and thats SHOPS & MONEY. And those TWO Things will see everyone DEAD , They will just be waiting for there next costumers  ( VICTOMS)   😉

Hurt, But came out the Winner !

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Its TRUE, i was hurt But i came out a better Man My beliefs were becoming more and more Nationalistic due to immigration and also working alongside a British Asian who agreed with al-Qaeda and Terrorism !!! The Crap hit the fan when this man called a meal a member of staff was cooking A DIRTY WHITE MANS BREAKFAST ! The cleaner pointed out that this was a racist comment and Mr Alli went berserk !!! shouting at staff and jumping up and down in the garden shouting racist names, He then walked out of work calling us racists….lol, What got to me was even tho i wasn’t on duty that day i was named as a leader in racism ??? One week after all this took place i was marched into the office and told to remove a Union flag badge ? i had already removed it ‘ my reason for doing so was because of Allis outburst. That week we was ALL told to go on a Race Awerness course ??? apart from Alli !  i refused, but was told my job would be at risk if i didn’t. On that day we was going on this course i was again sumond to the managers office, She said that someone had posted some comments of mine on Facebook and that i was to be suspended for racist and Homophobic comments ???  I left the building and never returned back again.  Two months later i was dismissed from my post, The so-called homophobic comments was me saying that as a Christian i didn’t accept homosexuality in church and the racist comments was me saying immigration was out of control in the UK and that we seemed to be bowing to Islamic Rules ??? Why should we ? These comments ended my Job looking after young men with learning difficulties who like to have sex with young children. It was a releave in a way because i never really liked the job But in December 08 We were told that the learning difficulties were going over to Salford and Young men without learning difficulties was to live at the Home. But what they failed to say was they to liked young children !!! That was the icing on the cake ! all staff agreed with each other Thats until all that mess started and i was used as a scape goat. I was hurt by all the staff including my so-called Cousin, BUT i a way it was a blessing for me. And as i said i learned some valuable lessons, ONE was Politics dos’ent gain you nothing and that company’s like Northerncare are not worth working for because all they care about was the vast amounts of money they were making by having Mugs like me look after those filthy young men ! This lesson made my faith stronger and i decided to come away from Politics for good. I don’t even vote now because nothing counts in this undemocratic country anymore. What does count is My Family , God and Peace of mind. Hope you enjoyed my story.

Merry Christmas ALL

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I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a splendid new year 2010 !!!  The Birth of our Lord is important to christians around the World and we must shire this Good News with everyone form ALL Faiths. This year has’nt been great for me BUT towards the end from August its been wonderfull, My finding the True teachings about God and his church has been Wonderfull !!! Even my partner soon to be my wife is listerning !!! I found a fresh job away from the filth i was looking after ! i parted company with my cousin because he stabbed me in the back, with family like that who needs them ? I left my job due to personal belief my employer did’nt agree with, Yet they agree with children being abused by the Things they look after ??? The first six months of 2009 was MAD ! and we as a family went to hell and back, thank God i had a faith and i loving partner. August was the begining of my fresh start, My new job and my new church has been the making of me. I also learn some valuble lessions, that i will keep with me forever. My Politics went though the window and am so glad it did Because as Jesus said YOU Can’t serve two Masters, and thats what i was doing and Politics nearly ruined my life. Somethings like this are needed to help you focus whats really important in Life. So Merry Christmas everyone.

A godless Society.

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Thats what Governments around the world have created, Take the UK we have no perks for Marries couples so the government is saying who cares if your married or not ? One parent family’s have the better deal…Because they are one parent ! Christian values are being abolished so we don’t offend other cultures !!! If a christian wants to adopt they will have to teach the child about Homosexuality !!!…..WHY ??? When this act is against the Christian faith. Our country is turning into something that seems to Me’ to be ashamed of being British ??? Our Left Wing Socialist Government have taken what Britain stands for and thrown it away. What we need is a Christian Conservative Party in Government and lets return to Tradisanal family values . Lets abolish this Pathetic Political correctness RUBBISH !!! And get back to common sence values again. Britain is not the only country playing with communistic values America is turning very simmer and it heartbreaking how this is being allowed . TWO country’s Built on CHRISTIAN VALUES , are turning into Atheistic Lands far away from where WE once stood and its a crying shame. We are ALL living in a godless Society these days’ and the only people who like this are the villains, Gays, Communists, Left Wingers, and Atheists. MY only HOPE now is in The Return of Jesus Christ so WE can live without the filth that rule our lives, Am not a proud BRIT anymore. Am a Proud Christian, But i wonder’ ? How long will it be before WE ( Christians ) are all thrown into the Lions Den ??? for standing for TRUE Christian Values.

God Saves ALL with Bible TRUTH

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It was 1989 when i bumpped into a born again christian who invited me to his church, Now to cut a very long story short ‘ the church worship was’nt for me But i did give my life to Jesus on December 89, That feels like a long time ago 20 years it was. And since then it has taken 20 years for Me to become a true christian a REAL CHRISTIAN ! In 1993 one year after i lost Dad, i converted to the Catholic church because i always had feelings thoughout my youth for that church. Little know that the church does’nt teach christian truths. After a LONG YEAR 2009 The First half being Bad, the second half working out well. On facebook i made friends with a Lady called Eileen from the U.S she was a SDA…Seventh Day Adventist and so we started to talk regarding Doctines i bought myself a Bible , well i bought myself Three Bibles….lol all differant Translations, and the more i read the more i knew in my Heart that God was working on me with Truth. I was feeling the Tingle above my head and this was confirming my New found truth. Yes i fought against it, But it was while i was in Mass on that september Sunday Morning i knew it would be my last Mass. On October 31st i decided to attend the SDA Church in my town and since then have been doing a Bible study with them and i am due to be Baptised in Febuary 2010. I have not looked back. Am still on fire with Gods Truth…lol So Please whoever thinks its too late to find God Remember it took me 20 years. God Bless ALL.